Top 25 Sites to Watch Free Movies Online and Stream Free TV Shows

So your looking for places to find free movies...well you've definitely come to the right place. Located below is a list with the top 25 websites to watch free movies.
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22. [6.83/10.0]A clone of the late and great "". They have a large collection of TV, movies, cartoons, anime, documentaries, music video, and live TV. The simple site design mixed the huge collection of videos make this website a great new addition to our online TV section.
22. MovieAgo [6.83/10.0]A brand new site with great quality videos. They also encorporate a useful rating and view system that make it a breeze to find the newest or most popular videos.
22. PeekVid [6.83/10.0]This article was originally titled "The Top 25 Websites Like TV-Links, Peekvid, and". I've gotten a lot of responses asking for this website to be entered into the actual rankings, so here it is, in all it's glory. I thought it would rank higher than 11, but it lost a lot from not having a community. But nonetheless, it's a great site and a great resource for finding movies.
22. Online Movies Free [6.83/10.0]Online Movies Free clearly labels the latest and most popular movies at the top of the page so you can have an easier time finding good videos. Their rating system also gives a good indication if a video is actually watchable. Overall this is a clean and dependable resource to finding streaming video online.
20. Ticket666 [7.0/10.0]A new site that is based around a message board. People can embed movies directly into the posts, so theres no need to leave the site to visit the video hosters.20. Meelu [7.0/10.0]The newest site on the Top 25, Meelu provides great links to a bunch of movies and TV shows. We can definitely see this site climb up the Top 25 in the future months.
17. ProjectFreeTV [7.33/10.0]A great online TV site that allows people to watch TV shows and movies online. The great thing about this site is that it has probably the fastest updates of any site like it. A great place to go and watch brand new movies and TV shows.
17. LegalMovies [7.33/10.0]LegalMovies only posts DivX videos. Check out the right side of the page to see the list of the movies they have available. So far they have a pretty decent collection, but I guess I'm just a sucker for DivX quality vids.
17. MovieZone [7.33/10.0]A great message board dedicated to movies and TV shows. There's plenty of daily updates, and the user based community makes it's easier to figure out if videos work or if they'll cut off 20 mins before the end.
14. TubeZoom [7.5/10.0]Another forum style streaming video site, like; movieforumz and movieforums.informe (see below). TubeZoom has plenty of video which should keep anyone happy.14. enXplode [7.5/10.0]enXplode has links to streaming movies. It's well organized with pictures, synopsis, rating and number of views.
14. EpisodeNetwork [7.5/10.0]They have a huge collection of movies and a dedicated hosting site (which means more dependability). They also have affiliate websites specifically made for South Park, Family Guy, and Futurama which make it even easier to catch up with those shows.
13. Joox [7.67/10.0]With the closing of Stage6, Joox has come to a complete halt. But the owners promise more videos from different hosts across the web. Because of this, and the fact that Joox was so money before the closing of Stage6, we'll take the owner's word and hope that they fulfill their promises.
9. Movies on Demand [7.83/10.0]Great selection of movie links that almost always work. They have a large selection of newly released movies as while as some of the best older movies.
9. Nabolister [7.83/10.0]A great site that includes a search box. All you need to do is search for your favorite TV show or movie, and a list of streaming videos will be presented to you.
9. WatchTVSitcoms [7.83/10.0]The name is misleading. They do have a lot of TV sitcoms, but they also have a decent movie section. They have great updates, and because of that are one of my favorite places to catch up on recent episodes of my favorite shows.
9. Vid Stream [7.83/10.0]Do you want to watch the newest releases and not worry about finding "working" links? Don't look farther than Vid Stream. They show all the top new releases, and guess what? All the links work! It's amazing. (All the movie links worked at the time of this publication)
7. tvShack [8.0/10.0]A great new addition to this month's list. tvShack has it all...movies, TV shows, and a great rating system. The crisp site design also makes it a pleasure to find and watch the videos you're interested in.
7. BedroomMedia [8.0/10.0]A great site that has plenty of TV shows and movies. This is Bedroom's first month on the top 25, and if things continue the same way, it won't be it's last.
5. [8.33/10.0]The big daddy of streaming video sites, Alluc has everything you need. With the huge amount of links and consistent updates, it's no surprise it's been around for as long as it has. Keep up the good work fellas.5. Watch-Movies [8.33/10.0]This site has been really undependable recently. But because it was such a great site before, I've given it the benefit of doubt, hoping that it will get better. If by next month, they can't sort out their server issues, I will remove it from the Top 25.
4. OVGuide [8.5/10.0]OVGuide used to dominate this list, but even OVGuide's new sleek site design couldn't thwart a recent influx of spam and funky ratings. Nonetheless, this site is still one of the greatest resources for streaming video on the web. It's basically a search engine that crawls through all the streaming videos sites out there. All you have to do is enter the show or movie you want to see, and it will show you links to where you can find it.
2. quicksilverscreen [8.67/10.0]has a very simple layout showing all the TV shows and movies. Next to each of the links, there are little images that tell you if the link is working or not. This makes things go a lot smoother when looking for video. You need to become a member to use the forum and watch the movies.
2. SurfTheChannel [8.67/10.0]Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the most likely website to take over TV-Links spot.This site even has a similar feel to TV-Links. The updates are great, the design is awesome, and the quality of links are good. For the last two months, the only thing holding SurfTheChannel back was the lack of an community. But as I predicted, this site has made great strides in that category. Their community is buzzing and their videos are great, which make it an exceptional website to watch free movies and TV shows.
1. SideReel [8.83/10.0]This site is one of the more popular places people go to watch free TV shows and movies. This site has a huge collection of videos, and even better...a great community around it.
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