Mobile addicts: Slower minds, more mistakes

The study by researchers from Monash University reviewed 300 students aged 12 to 14 from 20 Melbourne private and state schools. The Monash University report showed that children who use their mobile a lot may be sacrificing accuracy for speed, also they are likely to have poorer memory, react slower to set tasks and made more mistakes than students who used their mobiles a lot less, reports The Australian. “We took into account age, gender, ethnicity and socio-economic status in our research,’’ one of the report’s author’s Dr Geza Benke, said. “But simply put, mobile phones may be teaching kids to go for speed rather than accuracy,” the expert added. Overall mobile phone use was associated with faster and less accurate responses to high level cognitive tests, the study found. The good news, however, is the students’ error rate was unlikely to be linked to mobile phone radiation
Source: Indiatimes

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