15 Most Awkward Celebrity Childhood Hairstyles

Well, we’ve all had those pictures. You know, those childhood photos where our hair just screamed out the era in which the photo was taken…or when our hair just screamed out. Not even celebrities are immune to those classic Kodak moments. Even those who were future glamour-pusses and tough guys sported some unfortunate coifs in their time. And lucky for you, we went and tracked them down so we all don’t feel so alone in our shameful photo histories. Cute, awkward, trendy or terrible, we just adore the retro ‘dos on these famous heads in our list of 15 Most Awkward Celebrity Childhood Hairstyles.

15. Brad Pitt
If we told you this was Donald Trump’s baby photo, you totally would’ve believed it. Who knew there was such a thing as a baby comb-over!

Brad Pitt

14. Zac Efron
Woah. Someone’s letting their frosted tips grow out! Good choice, Zac. Now go get a haircut. You look like a lady.

Zac Efron

13. Pamela Anderson
More like Perm-ala Anderson! Are we right people?! Are we right? Hey-o!

Pamela Anderson

12. Sarah Jessica Parker
OK, we know this is from a production of “Annie.” But still! She wears it well. Always stylish, that SJP.

Sarah Jessica Parker

11. Katie Holmes
Very symmetrical. She looks a little bit like Lady, from “Lady and the Tramp.”

Katie Holmes

10. Flea
Hello, Harpo Marx!

Flea - Red Hot Chili Peppers

9. Demi Moore
“To Kill A Mockingbird” starring Demi Moore as Scout!


8. Eminem
This greasy look really says “Nintendo player” more than “a** kicker.”


7. J-Lo
She wasn’t old enough for giant hoop earrings yet, so she used her hair instead! Seriously, though, she’s adorable.


6. Marilyn Manson
Don’t worry about his innocent look. The bowl he used to measure this haircut used to be filled with goat’s blood.

Maralyn Manson

5. George Clooney
Dude. This is like a recipe for a triple-’do. Start with a bowl, add a dash of surfer, and then mix in a hearty amount of mullet. Season to taste.

George Clooney

4. Bjork
We really wish that this picture was from an episode of “The Partridge Family” that she was in.


3. Richard Gere
Wow. A bit young for a hairpiece, aren’t we?

Richard Gere

2. Amy Winehouse
Oh dear.

Amy Weinhouse

1. Tom Hanks
Those are some luscious locks, Tom. It’s like if a ‘fro and a “bob” had a baby. That hair is – Big! Haha get it? Big? Like that movie he was in?

Tom Hanks

BONUS! Before he was a world famous actor, Scientology figure head, gay rumor filled superstar John Travolta was an adorable baby. John Travolta was so cute, even though his hair wasn’t spectacular, we had to include him. He’s like a little alien baby! Awwwwwwwwwww!

John Travolta

Source and credits: retrocomedy.com

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