Come on, Katrina can’t replace me: Aishwarya

New Delhi, August 27: Aishwarya Rai, the Bachchan Bahu can no longer keep her mouth shut. Till yesterday, she has only ‘no comment’ when asked about the Bollywood’s lucky mascot, Katrina Kaif. But now looks like she can’t take it anymore as Katrina is walking away with all the glory.

Aishwarya Rai was all silent when Katrina replaced her as the Indian face of Barbie girl. However, it was too much for Aishwarya to handle when Kat replaced her as brand ambassador of a leading jewellery brand.

Aishwarya hinted that Katrina can’t replace her when she said that only she didn’t renew the contract but she left it and joined another brand.

But, Ash what do you have to say when Sonam Kapoor replaced you as L'Oreal new face?

Source: Zopag

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