'My boobs fetched me 3500 dollars'

London, August 25: Katy Perry has revealed that she once raised 2,000 pounds for charity by auctioning off a replica pair of her boobs on eBay.

Perry, who recently claimed that the power of her prayer had resulted in her impressive 32DD ‘boulders’, says she’s proud of her twin assets.

"They had to get extra plaster to cast them because they are so big," the 'Sun' quoted her as saying.

"I was very proud because it was early in my career and they fetched 3500 dollars which I think is pretty good. I'm very proud of that," she added.

The singer has vowed to keep her bust natural.

"I haven't had a boob op and I never would. I love them just the way they are and guys seem to as well," Perry said.

Source: Zopag

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