Urvashi Dhanorkar hidden truth revealed

Urvashi Dhanorkar, a small-time Indian TV actress, was taken into custody on Saturday in Mumbai on charge of cruelly mistreating a 10-year-old maiden, who was working as her domestic servant. Urvashi Urvashi Dhanorkar was apprehended under Child Labor Act and Juvenile Justice Act and is now in the police station to be presented in court soon.

Her detainment was done after confirmation of the medical reports that her domestic help was physically assaulted and abused. Kept at Amboli Police Station, Urvashi Dhanorkar is likely to be presented in the court of law today on Saturday 22-Aug, 2009.

According to medical reports, the servant girl was cruelly hit in her eye; at her black leaving beaten marks and her arm too was burnt ruthlessly. The parents of that girl still not arrived from Amravati, a place from where, Urvashi Dhanorkar had taken that girl with a claim that she would provide her education.

urvashi dhanorkar

The victim girl, still in police custody waiting for her parents, said that Urvashi had brought her in Mumbai to send her in the school for education but she did not fulfill her commitment and beaten her cruelly, adding to that she was kept in locks for more than a week but lastly she succeeded to let herself out and the neighbors saw her beaten marks and took her to the nearest police station.

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