Lucky to be alive

After falling off train, ambulance rushing 22-year-old to hospital gets flat tyre; still disoriented, lad is now on road to recovery.
Ahmed Zameer still doesn’t know just how lucky he is to be alive. The 22-year-old youth will hear about it from his family, once he fully recovers. On Sunday, Zameer, who was travelling on an overcrowded Byculla-bound train, slipped and fell on the tracks. He suffered deep injuries to his head and lost consciousness. Though no one knows how long he lay there bleeding, he was finally spotted by a porter who alerted the GRP. But there lay another hurdle on the way – the ambulance he was travelling in, got a flat tyre.

Yet with luck on his side, he was finally admitted to JJ Hospital where doctors said his condition is now stable.

The Dharavi resident had been on his way to meet his aunt Tausar Begum, 40. Due to the mega block between CST and Masjid, the train had been overcrowded. It was between Chinchpokli and Byculla stations that

Zameer lost his balance and fell off.

Ahmed Zameer lies unconscious at the JJ Hospital

“I saw him lying on the tracks. He had been bleeding profusely. I alerted the on-duty GRP Constable Vilas Parab,” said porter Attar Ansari, at Byculla Station.

At about 3.10 pm, Parab and Ansari put Zameer on a stretcher and put him in the station’s ambulance. “Unfortunately, the vehicle got a flat tyre and we had to shift him to a taxi. We finally reached JJ Hospital at 3.30 pm.” said Parab, who used Zameer’s damaged mobile phone to contact his relatives.

“Someone was already there to meet Zameer when we reached the hospital. But on seeing his condition, he fled the scene. We don’t know who he was,” added Parab. He then started calling other numbers on Zameer’s phone before managing to contact his aunt Tausar. “We knew Zameer was coming over, but don’t know where he had boarded the train,” said the concerned aunt.

On-duty Resident Medical Officer at JJ Hospital, Dr Jaiswal, said: “The patient’s condition is stable though he still seems confused and disoriented. He will need to undergo a CT scan and a sonography test.”

This is the second such incident in 24 hours, following the mega block between CST and Masjid stations.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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