If you can't do sex, let me do it for you: Friend told Jackson

London, August 22: Mark Lester, the long-term friend of Michael Jackson, has said that the King of Pop confided in him about his ‘difficult’ sex life.

Lester made the revelation while opening up about his decision to donate his sperm to the superstar. He claims he could be the biological father of Jackson's 11-year-old daughter Paris.

The former child star claims that the singer wanted his pal to donate sperm, because he was ‘nervous’ about sex and found it ‘difficult’, reports ‘The Daily Star’.

He tells US TV show Today, "We had conversations on the telephone and Michael was very shy when it came to women and he confided in me that he found it very difficult to actually do the sexual act. He knew I had three, at the time, lovely girls (daughters), so I jokingly said, ''Michael if you don't want to do it, why don't I do it for you.''"

Source: Zopag

"I don't know) whether e just wanted to increase the chances of the artificial insemination, but he just said he was very, very nervous and said he wasn't up to going through with the act."

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