I'll marry for kids: Salman

Bollywood’s superbrat Salman Khan has mellowed down...he talks to Seema Sinha of bones that ache the morning after an action sequence, love
Salman Khan
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and marriage.

Bollywood’s bad boy, known for his knack for walking into trouble, Salman Khan appears to be calmer, serene and increasingly philosophical.

Sample this statement from the hunk, “I believe in making my own destiny. Your future depends on what you are at this point. If you
mess up this present moment then you are affecting your future too, but if you are on the right track then it automatically lifts your future, it is like taking your destiny up.”

The original Bollywood hunk shies away from admitting he’s turning philosophical, “No, no, I have always been like this. It is very simple — Yes, No, Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, White, Black. That is the philosophy of my life.”
He confesses, however, “Well, you can say I have mellowed over the years, maybe because I have learnt to handle certain things. But there could be things that I won’t be able to handle. It happens from time to time. At times, I don’t react even when I know what people are doing to me is wrong or they are taking advantage of me.” He adds a warning, though, “If things go out of hand, I will come back to what I used to be.”
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He enjoys being erratic. “Ten years, 20 years from now... I don’t look that much ahead, I see myself playing football in the next 10 minutes but I’m not too sure. I might just change my mind. I don’t plan anything in life,” he says.

A complete home bird when not shooting, Salman paints, listens to music, works out and spends time with his family. “My only fear in life is losing my family members and close friends.” Known for his generosity, good-hearted Salman dreams of a perfect world. “I have lots of dreams... that nobody should die of hunger, poverty, diseases and everyone should have enough money to save their lives. Torturing and maiming children to beg should stop and education should be every child’s right. All religions that preach or teach wrong things should stop,” he says.

His paintings mostly follow a theme of communal harmony, and he paints a lot of human faces. He enjoys retro music —Hindi and Western tracks — and can often be heard humming old numbers.
On his food preferences, Salman remarks, “These days I prefer vegetarian food for some strange reason. But I like chicken, no mutton right now, rice and roti is also out. I don’t like very spicy food, I prefer it bland. I like only home food.”

After giving a few duds in the last few years, Salman is now turning a new leaf. Never to give up or look back and regret, Salman decided to resurrect his career with what he calls ‘difficult’ films. So the macho hunk decided to take up action subjects showcasing dare-devilry — Wanted Dead or Alive and Veer; Vipul Shah’s performance-oriented, Bollywood musical, London Dreams with Ajay Devgan, and a love story of a married couple — Main aur Mrs Khanna with Kareena Kapoor, all three scheduled to release this year.

“I was losing interest and getting tired as I was doing the same thing over and over again. Nothing much was happening in my career and I wanted to do something that would bring back the enthusiasm in me. Now by doing different genre of films makes me feel interested, look special, feel special and makes me work harder.” Salman explains animatedly.

“For the last five to six years, I have seriously trained for Veer and Wanted. It wasn’t just about building six packs or having the body of a ‘model’, which is easy. I had to look tough and strong and like I can take on the world,” says the actor. But, with advancing age, action-oriented roles are known to play havoc on the bodies of most superstars. “These action sequences are scary as you tend to get hurt all the time. Earlier, when I was younger I would never care even if I broke my bones, I never felt the pain. Haddi toot gayi toh toot gayi chalo... it didn’t matter, but now it pains. Worse is that it pains when I wake up in the morning,” he laughs softly.

Gossip rags have always worked overtime fishing out juicy tidbits from his personal life. Few months back a Mumbai tabloid went to town about an alleged clandestine relationship between his lady-love Katrina Kaif and eternal foe John Abraham. But Salman, whom you would see getting furious at a question like this few years ago, now mockingly responds laughing non-stop, “How sweet... oh my god, I am so insecure!”

On women, Salman has always said that he likes them simple and uncomplicated and covered from top to toe, maybe in a sari. His favourite line on this is, “Upar se thoda aur upar, neeche se thoda aur neeche.”

Salman has also said that it is Katrina’s simplicity that keeps him tied to her. “I love simple girls. Nice, simple, straight. I don’t like women who manipulate and scheme.”

But what surprises Salman is that the speculations about his marriage don’t seem to die, which leaves the actor wondering, “Aren’t you guys fed up of asking about my marriage? It is now become a part of any conversation with me. It is like asking, How are you today?” But does he consider marriage to be an important institution? “Each to his own ya. It all depends upon the way one wants to live his or her life.

This new philosophical attitude towards life helps him rationalise things and put in perspective the eternal question of marriage that keeps popping up in front of him time and again. “If you ask my personal opinion, of course, I consider marriage important. There are different reasons and ways one would get married. It could be for love, romance or it could be for children. I would want to marry for children.”

The forever candid Salman Khan self-admittedly might have lost interest in some of his recent films but he hasn’t lost his sense of humour for sure. While turning the pages of a popular fortnightly, he stops at the story on his arch rival and friend-turned-foe, Shah Rukh Khan, who was recently bestowed with an honorary doctorate in arts and culture. “Arre iss doctor ke paas patients ko bhejo aur ilaaj karao,” (Send the patients to Dr Shah Rukh Khan and get them treated),” he smirks.

In the era of stars who take off for vipassana, yoga or meditation in between their hectic schedules, Salman has a unique way of relaxing. “At times when people are talking to me I go blank. That’s my way of relaxing and meditating. I am not even there. Suddenly, people find me spaced out. That relaxation is enough for me,“ he says. At this point of time I decide to stop my interview and leave. Salman is not with me, he is not listening. He has gone blank. Guess he is meditating!

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