I am Shah Rukh Khan and I don’t need publicity: SRK

New Delh, August 18:

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan returned home on Tuesday to a warm welcome from cheering fans, after an 'ordeal' at the Newark airport in America where he was detained and questioned for two hours.

In a prèss conference held at his home 'Mannat' in Bandra, Shah Rukh echoing Salman's comment said, "It's not a big deal. They have certain rules and we must follow it." And requested media not to blow the issue out of proportion.

SRK added, "I don't want special treatment. I am nobody. I am sure that normal people go through worse treatment."

However, Shah Rukh admitted that he was little disheartened and embarrassed by a few irrelevant questions.

When asked if he will go to America again, the actor replied, "I will go to the US when work demands but I will limit my travels. I have no complaints against the system but I wish it should be more streamlined and less cumbersome."

Source: Zopag

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