Shahid and Priyanka to make their affair public

New Delhi, August 26:

The ongoing season is meant for B-town folks to rekindle their friendships. Of late, Ranbir - Katrina and Aditya – Rani bury their differences and rejuvenate their friendship. Now, joining the bandwagon are Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

According to a national daily, Priyanka and Shahid are bonding really well shutting all the rumours that the two are not on talking terms and have split.

And it also says that the two will make their relationship public when they finally decide to take it to the next level.

Whether they admit to their affair or not, only time will tell. But their growing proximity is seen at the preview of 'Kaminey' and in its success party where the two had a ball dancing together.

Source: Zopag

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