Same sex extramarital affairs on rise in Pune

New Delhi, August 21:

There is a twist to the infidelity tale. The other woman in the relationship is now a man as detectives take a sneak peek into the hidden lives of the disloyal partners.

This is an unexpected truth faced by the suspicious partners when they hire detectives to spy onto their spouses. Detectives of various private agencies are reaching to this conclusion in many cases that the reason of a disturbed married life is that one of the partners is gay, quotes Midday.

While in some cases partners are already suspicious of a homosexual connection, in some marriages the bewildering fact is revealed only in the course of the investigations.

The statistics reveal that number of married men involved in a homosexual relationship is more than women.

Homosexuals usually get married into straight relationships due to social pressure but continue their relaions with the same sex. However, after the controversial ruling of the Delhi High Court legalising homosexual relationships, gays are becoming bolder and hence getting caught. Homosexuals are taking more risks with their marriages leading to increase in such cases.

Source: Zopag

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