Jasmine Fiore Playboy Pictures: Search No More!

Searching in Vain for Something that Never Existed -- Jasmine Fiore Playboy Pics

Talking about the nonexistent, such as Jasmine Fiore Playboy pictures, is sometimes problematic. And the reason is simple: There is just enough truth or allusion to the truth for the persistence of rumor to drive the perpetuation of that same rumor. For instance, Jasmine Fiore, the stunning 28-year-old former swimsuit model who was found murdered -- strangled -- and folded into a suitcase left in a dumpster in southern California this past weekend, is the subject of such a persistent rumor -- the existence of Jasmine Fiore in Playboy pictures. No such Playboy pictures exist. And the reason is quite simple: Jasmine Fiore never posed for a Playboy photo shoot; therefore, no pictures. But the rumor persists and the internet has been afire with search engines burning up the ether trying to find Jasmine Fiore articles ("PLAYBOY PICTURES! PHOTOS!") and picture layouts of the deceased swimsuit model.

So how did the rumor get started that swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore had Playboy pictures ("PHOTOS!" or "PICS!")? It is simple: She worked for Playboy. Jasmine Fiore worked for Playboy at one time, even worked on the video "Girls in Golf." That would have been enough for some to run with the supposition that beautiful blonde with the eye-popping physique had been in a Playboy picture spread.

But then there is the added nudger -- swimsuit model. Those that read that she had worked for Playboy and had also been a swimsuit model -- doing commercial ads for Las Vegas hotels -- might be inclined to also take the assumptive risk of inferring that Jasmine Fiore had posed for Playboy.

And that is exactly how an rumors get started. Assumption, supposition, extrapolation without corroboration.

Although it is true that Jasmine Fiore at one time worked for Playboy, she was not a Playboy model and did not pose for Playboy pictures. (... and the two guys reading this hoping to find Jasmine Fiore's naked body online just started cursing...) It is not known, however, if she might have done some audition photos for the magazine or website, but no official Playboy pictures of Jasmine Fiore exist.

Source: Associated Content

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