Miss Black USA 2009 Shayna Rudd!

PHOTO! Above is a picture of the recently crowned Miss Black USA 2009 Shayna Rudd. Miss Black USA 2009 Shayna Rudd representing Miss Black Pennsylvania tells press she still can’t believe she won the title. “It was really surprising because all of the ladies were so fabulous. I have gotten to the point of the competition where I wasn’t worried about winning. I was just worried about doing my very best because it was my last pageant. So, I just wanted to have a good time.” Appearing on TV today, Rudd is one of the few African-American women to also compete in the Miss America pageant in 2008 as Miss DC. How does Shayna Rudd compare the competitions: “I was told that one of the reasons that I didn’t do well was because I was too powerful and that I spoke with too much conviction. And that would’ve been fine if I did Miss Black USA but that wasn’t going to work with Miss America.”

Source: news lalate

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