Pakistanis feel US enemy No 1, not India

New Delhi, August 14:

Pakistani people in a survey admitted that America is the biggest threat to Pakistan’s stability, sidelining India and even Taliban.

Fifty-nine percent of respondents in an opinion poll carried out by Gallup Pakistan said that they faced greatest threat by the US. Drone anger or public fury over US predator strikes inside Pakistan seems to be especially responsible for America’s unpopularity. A massive 67 percent of those polled said they opposed US military operations on Pakistani soil.

Despite all the attacks and suicide bombings carried out by them throughout the country, only 11 percent of respondents think that Taliban posed a threat to them. A massive 43% supported dialogue with Taliban.

Billions of dollars in aid and untold numbers of visits by US officials have failed to win Pakistan’s full support for efforts to defeat the Taliban.

Quite contrary to popular belief, only eighteen per cent of people said that India is nurturing designs of Pakistan’s downfall.

Source: Zopag

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