How to get on top of Digg?

How to get on top of Digg? How to get popular on Digg? How to get a front page Digg?
These are questions being thrown upon day in and out at the forums, at the coffee club and everywhere bloggers get together. Everyone wants to know how to get to the top quickly with the minimum effort. It would be nice if someone found out a hack that helps anyone to get on top of Digg in 24 hours. Unfortunately there have been none so far, but yes there are theories flying around that claim to put you on top of Digg, or make you power users on Digg in even less than 48 hours. I wished if one of them truly worked.

Well, taking into consideration some basics, there are few facts all of them agree on.

  • To get a front page Digg, you have to -
    - Be Popular
    - Have lot of “friends”
    - Have submitted lot of stories prior
    - Be popular on Digg
    - Have commented on many articles
    - Be regular with using Digg
    - Have a good reputation on Digg

Many of these points are easy to listen than achieve. For instance, it’s known that you have to have a good “following” or “friends” on Digg to get a top Digg. The reason is that when you submit an article, there has to be enough guys to digg the same without even checking the title, but just because you Dugg it first. Now, this is linked with “Reputation”. One would digg a story you submitted even without checking it’s title, only when they believe that whatever you are digging will be good, the truth may be/may not be right. “Reputation” on the other hand is linked with “Reference”. Where does one find you first? Either they could’ve found you on one of the top Dugg article OR they could’ve “befriended” them. “Reputation” is alos linked with “Image/Brand”. When one first sees you, what do they absorb from your profile? When you have some already top dugg stories, people get the idea that you are a top class digger. OR they might see the number of articles submitted and make out if you are active on Digg or not.

( Seen first on top diggs/from a friend )
( the more the merrier )
( based on latest dugg story/ top duggs )
( Topics active in/ top diggs )

So essentially, being a power user on Google has got to do more with “influencing” people and “making friends”.

Keeping all this in mind, here are a collection of resources that are worth a read and bookmarking. The best resources on the internet that will tell you how to be popular on Digg and always hit a front page with your submissions. It sounds a bit glossy, but there is value in each of these articles for sure.

Source: Enews

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