He unzipped his trousers and asks, am I a girl?

New York, August 11:

As a young man, rocker Mick Jagger apparently could go to any extent to make people questioning his sexuality shut up.

This is what appears from what British designer Nicholas Haslam, a close friend of the rocker, reveals in a new book, entitled 'Redeeming Features.'

"With his long hair, wide eyes and huge mouth, Mick looked faintly androgynous. But that was not the case at all," the New York Post quoted Haslam as recalling in the book, out in November from Knopf.

"In a restaurant one night, the actor Anthony Steele and his buxom, boozy wife, Belinda Lee, were . . . taunting Mick about his looks, saying loudly and rudely, 'Is he a boy or a girl?' After bearing it for a bit, Mick got up . . . looked him in the eye, unzipped his narrow trousers, and slammed his (bleep) on the table. 'Now do you think I'm a girl?' he aid," Haslam says

Source: Zopag

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