Chima quits 'Big Brother'

By Andrea Reiher August 15, 2009 9:19 AM

Big night last night in the "Big Brother" house. All the details I could gather after the jump.

Chima has either quit or been asked to leave the "Big Brother" house. It is up in the air as to which one it is. I've seen a report that she was asked to leave (also with pretty good details, so check it out) but I've also read several reports that she quit. If she was removed, she's the third person to be removed. If she quit, she's the first person to quit "Big Brother."

Also I know is that she threw her microphone in the hot tub, wouldn't put it back on, was told she would have to pay for it and then lost her ever-loving mind. Screaming and crying and basically going bat-crap crazy (like we all knew she was). Sorry I don't have more for you, the feeds were down and now every time anybody talks about Chima on the feeds they cut to the fish screen.

I'll say it again... grow up, Chima. Things don't go her way for two weeks and she loses her mind. What is that? I cannot wait to see this on the show. I hope they don't edit the crap out of it, that will be disappointing.

Source: Zap 2 News

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