Broadband tariffs reduced by Airtel

It has appeared that the leading telecom operator Bharti Airtel has slashed the Wireline Broadband tariff on its various broadband plans by up to 43 per cent. The operator will charge Rs 1,699 instead of Rs 2,999 for 1 Mbps speed connection, apart from providing additional free value-added worth Rs 500.
Apart from this, tariffs have also reduced by the company for the 512 kbps connection by 31 per cent from Rs 1,599 to Rs 1,099 per month. It should be noted that unlimited download capacity is offered by both of these plans.
So Airtel Wireline Broadband subscribers will now have the advantage of using more and more bandwidth. Broadband users are now using up to 8 Gb, from just an average usage of 4Gb a month.
The customers' experience will also be enhanced by the new value-added services (VAS) content on airtel broadband, like Games on Demand and Anti-virus software.
Furthermore, there has been enhancement in download limits on 8 Mbps and 16 Mbps plans to 50 GB and 100 GB respectively.
Bharti Airtel, which provides fibre-optical cable based services in 95 cities across India, has just over a million broadband users. It was the first to launch a 16Mbps Wireline broadband connection earlier this year.
Source: Top News

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