Top Sexy Bollywood Actress

By Kerry Douglas Dye

We love Bollywood movies. The bizarre, uniquely Indian mix of comedy and melodrama, the spontaneous multi-location dance numbers, the poorly choreographed fight scenes, the cribbed story-lines ...

The only down-side can be the running times. Averaging three-plus hours, even with the constant songs, poetic speeches and slapstick, things would get old quickly if it weren't for the legendary beauty of Bollywood actresses. Whether wearing a sari and sporting a bindi and dancing in the rain to traditional music, or wearing a leather mini skirt and halter top and dancing in the rain to new-fangled techno-pop, the hotties of Bollywood can make even the longest tale of star-crossed lovers go down easy.

So in celebration of the world's most prolific national film industry, we hereby present our list of favorite Bollywood hotties. From veteran screen sirens to vivacious newcomers, these lovely ladies are eleven ladki (that's "girls" for you non-Hindi speakers) to keep an eye on.

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