Killing a Muslim Pregnant woman: The German Way

Marwa el-Sherbini, an Egyptian woman asked a German man, Alex W., to clear a swing in a playground so that her child could use it. The German man who sat in the swing, smoking, hurled racial abuse at the woman. Marwa took him to court where Alex was fined for his deeds. This incident happened in 2008.

In 2009, Alex made an appeal in the court and both parties were called in for hearing. Alex smuggled a knife in the court and surprisingly no one noticed. He attacked Marwa and stabbed her 16 times (according to some accounts 18 times). She bled to death in front of her 3 year old son and husband. Marwa's husband was shot by the police in the leg who took him for the attacker initially. Marwa was pregnant at the time of her death. Alex has now been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The incident is just another addition to the chain of anti-Muslim hatred attacks in Europe. It depicts the rising Islamophobia and racial hatred against non-whites and non-Europeans. Western governments and media are to be partly blamed for stereotyping Muslims. Part of the blame also goes to the extremists who bring a bad name to the Muslims by using religion to justify violence. It's shameful that the attack incident was not even much reported in the German media. It's also pathetic for the German authorities who failed to secure the court where the trial was taking place. Moreover life imprisonment is not enough for this crime and death sentence should have been awarded to the killer, regardless of the fact whether such punishments are allowed in Germany or not.

It is time for the western governments and media to stop attacking Islam and clean their own backyard by raising their voice against the injustices that are taking place against the Muslims around the world.

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