The Hotties and the Hobos [PICS]

Alex Greenwald -- Phantom Planet frontman, Mark Ronson collaborator, and former model -- used to be so freaking hot it was almost impossible to look at him without thinking "nasty thoughts," as Janet Jackson once said. But not long ago, a paparazzi photo popped up in which the once-smokin' Alex looked like a straight-up hobo. Still, who'd he have hanging on his arm? British supermodel and Met Ball belle Agyness Deyn.

While we've got no problem with some slight shagginess, Alex Greenwald has seen better days, and his unkempt hair looks gnarlier than ever. (A tip: lather, rinse, repeat... repeat... repeat...) Still, Alex bagged a supermodel, so maybe the joke's on us.

Anyway, the shaggy/smoldering combo of Alex Greenwald and Agyness Deyn reminded us of some more hot chicks and the mangy men they love. So check out more of Buzzworthy's favorite guys who look like they live in boxcars and the beautiful babes who love them anyway.

Ryan Adams: Alt-country musician Ryan Adams won the heart of pop-folk singer Mandy Moore, who's had high-profile romances with tennis hunk Andy Roddick as well as Wilmer Valderrama and Zach Braff, while Ryan dated pretty Parker Posey. But it was ultra-shaggy Ryan who swept Mandy off her feet: Ryan and Mandy got married just last month. Hopefully the groom, uh, groomed for the big day.

Alex DeLeon: Okay, Alex DeLeon -- who's been linked to the radiant Demi Lovato -- used to be way more polished, but when he came to MTV for The Cab's Buzzworthy interview in March 2009, his broken-ended hair, fuzzy facial hair and leather accessories kinda made him look like he was running from the law. Bring back unquestionably hot Alex!

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Ben Gibbard: Indie superstar Ben Gibbard's sensitive vocals are the perfect match for Zooey Deschanel. Zooey, dubbed "the rich man's Katy Perry" -- oh snap! -- by one site, has had leading roles in a slew of movies like Elf, where she showed off her vocal cords and her adorablility. Even though the oft-unshaven Ben's been featured on (to the objection of many commenters, to be fair), he and Zooey matched up not only musically, but they're also engaged. Aww! Indie romance!

Joe Trohman: It's clear that Pete Wentz-ian man-glam is not Joe Trohman's style. But there are other ways to stand out besides looking like a homeless man who wandered off the street and onto the stage. His disheveled, mountain-man look has still been described as "wonderfully hobo-esque meets Jesus." True! We're not saying Joe's not hot. We just miss his From Under The Cork Tree-era/ "Dance Dance" short hair. Still, he nabbed a super-cute girl and put a ring on dat; he and Marie (above) are engaged.

+ More hobo guys and hot girls after the jump.

Devendra Banhart: The Venezuelan singer is known for his "psych-folk" music, his lengthy, uncombed hair, and Charles Manson beard. But his shaggy looks and bare feet didn't deter Academy Award-nominated actress Natalie Portman from entering his sweet, possibly stank embrace. Rumored to be romantically linked to manscaped Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, Natalie dated Devendra for several months following her appearance in his "Carmensita" video. Maybe she just wanted to snuggle with someone who had a lot of hair to make up for her total baldness in V Vendetta.

Cisco Adler: Former lead singer of Whitestarr, music producer, and star of MTV's Buzzin, 'Cisco Adler is more famous for the women he's dated more than anything else. Despite his Old Testament-style hair and half-grown molestache, he can put Paris Hilton, Kimberly Stewart, Lauren Conrad and Mischa Barton on his ex-girlfriends list. Mischa reportedly dropped Cisco after a nude photo of him appeared on the Internet. And after seeing that photo, we would've too.

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