15 Of The Hottest Women in Politics

Men already get in enough trouble objectifying women, but who cares? This isn’t some Forbes list, and none of these lovelies are the Hollywood-actress types either – no these women all deal in the much more savage, backstabbing, drama-ridden realm of politics. These ladies don’t have time for lattes, they’re too busy running the world and being hot while doing it. The following is our list of the hottest women currently in today’s politics. Think we missed some? Chances are, we probably did. Make sure to add your recommendations to the comments section, and we’ll take it into consideration for our Hottest Women in Politics Part II post.

Ségolène Royal


This French Socialist Party leader has the perfect name for what she’s all about and she plans to run against Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012 to take the Presidency. She’s been in politics for twenty years and doesn’t show any sign of stopping, and she looks damn good doing it. Polls taken in the year after the 2007 French Presidential Election (in which she ran and lost) showed Sarkozy-voters actually ditching the President and saying that they wish they had voted for Royal instead. Looks like we may be seeing a whole lot more of her in the future, which is something we can all look forward to.

Cindy McCain


While politics may not be the career she chose, she wound up knee-deep in the muck with her husband, Senator John McCain. Cindy McCain has been up on stage pushing the party line in front of mind-bending crowds of supporters, and every man in the audience was slightly ashamed to be thinking the same thing: She may be old…but she is HOT. To top off being a hugely important Senator’s wife, Cindy is also insanely rich, which probably makes poor old John feel a little inadequate.

Carla Bruni


That’s right, Nicolas Sarkozy just may be the luckiest man alive. This former model, singer/songwriter and all-around Italian hottie is the First Lady of France. She’s an heiress to a large fortune, so she doesn’t even need the Palace digs she’s got, and on top of that she’s already famous for being ridiculously gorgeous. She’s even flat out said that she gets bored with monogamy, and the list of lucky bastards who have been with her include the likes of Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton.

Cristina Kirchner


As you can see in this almost upskirt shot of Argentine President Cristina Kerchner, she is not only smokin’ hot, but her people LOVE her. She’s also larger than life, and you can see that as she pets the abnormally small Argentine guy who’s fawning over her below the stage. People call her the next Evita, and even Forbes listed her as the 13th most powerful woman, period.

Larissa Waters


You had better not drop your Gogurt wrapper on the street if you ever see this cute little thing running around Australia, because even though she can probably beat you up, she doesn’t have to. That’s what her armies of militantly green minions are for, because she’s an Aussie Green Party Senator who kicks serious ass while wearing a bikini on a vegetarian diet. Larissa earns respect by using her hotness for a cause.

Mara Carfagna


As if we needed another reason to think that Italy spawns the world’s hottest women. She used to be a showgirl and a model, but now she’s the Italian Minister for Equal Opportunity. The irony in that is palpable, and thoughts of Peter Griffin immediately come to mind at the thought of seeing this luscious beauty in a pant-suit giving orders. She’s racked up props left and right in her career, along with being called the “most beautiful minister in the world.”

Rachida Dati


As the French Minister of Justice, Rachida Dati has to be a pretty hard woman. That doesn’t stop her from being a stone fox, and with eyes like that, French criminals probably surrender just to meet her. She was also part of Nicolas Sarkozy’s posse during the French elections back in 2007, again making that man absolutely unfairly lucky. She’s got a bit of a naughty streak though, her daughter was born just this year, and she still refuses to say who the father may be…maybe she doesn’t know?

Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin needs no introduction, being so famous and inexplicably hot that they’ve even made films like Nailin Palin to parody the situation. The real truth of the matter is that she’s easily twice as hot as the porn actress who portrays her in the movie! She may have found her place in the American History books for her bid for the Vice Presidency, but we all know what she’ll really be remembered for.

Toiréasa Ferris


Councilor Ferris is the pretty face on the Irish Sinn Féin, who made waves when during a televised interview she said she couldn’t condemn the killing of a policeman during an attempted IRA robbery. That’s right, she’s hot, she’s sassy, and she rolls with the IRA. Do you really want to hit on this girl at the bar?

Yulia Tymoshenko


She’s probably the most beautiful head of state we’ll ever know. Yulia is the current Prime Minister of Ukraine, and she’s gorgeous. Her signature crown-braided hair lets everyone know she’s in charge, and also that she wanted to be a princess since she was a little girl. This lady’s not all pomp though, not by a long shot. She’s serious business, as she was a major figure in an entire revolution just a few years ago in the Ukraine. She hangs with the likes of Vladimir Putin and has the ability to look severely pissed off when she lets her hair down.

Maria Parodi


This up and coming Labour Party rep hails out of Dublin, Ireland. There she spends half her time in politics, and the other half looking like an excessively hot version of Molly Ringwald from her Pretty in Pink days. People expect big things from Maria in the future, and it’ll be a treat to watch as that happens (as long as pictures are taken).

Déirdre De Búrca

Deirdre de Burca , Green Party

No, that’s not Sarah Connor, but she’s got that regal, “I’ve been hot for years” look to her just the same. Senator De Búrca, also a Dubliner, doesn’t let her hotness stop at just being a senator for the Green Party, she also used to be a school teacher, and before that she went to a convent.

Ruby Dhalla


Ruby (above, HOT) not only nabbed a seat in the Canadian Parliament as one of the first two Sikh women ever to do so, but she’s a Chiropractor by trade. That means wicked nice massages available for the lucky guy that goes home with the little miss. If that’s not enough for you, the icing on the cake is that she spent some time in India as an actress in Bollywood movies.

Sethrida Geagea


She’s absolutely gorgeous, and she’s fiery to boot. Those body guards around her aren’t just because she’s a member of Lebanese Parliament; anytime she leaves the house some fanatic might try to run up and steal a lock of her hair. Her husband was put in jail for political reasons and she fought for years to get him out, so you can imagine how fast she’d be down to the local station to bail you out after a really good Super Bowl party.

Yuri Fujikawa


If you’ve ever wondered what the cutest politician in the world might look like, here’s your answer. She’s called “the Belle Councilor” in Japan, where she met political success at a young age. When she realized how great it is that she’s not only a politician, but remarkably hot, she started taking photo-shoots and making DVDs. While this may have pissed off some of her conservative voters, it made the world a better place by adding to the overall beauty of basement-dwellers’ walls everywhere.

Honorable Mention: Alina Kabaeva


Alina has the special privilege of being quite possibly the world’s most powerful girl who does nothing all day but look excruciatingly hot. How does she manage this? By dating Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, that’s how. If you don’t know already, Putin is that guy you don’t mess with, and she’s got him wrapped around her Playboy Magazine posing little finger. Oh yeah, she’s also the famous Russian gymnast who can sit on her own head and make it look HOT.

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