50 Weird Freaks Of Nature Photos

Howdy! This time we plan to surprise you with a photography collection of some plants and animals that others would call “weird”. It is not something we can see every day, so here we are offering you the chance to admire nature’s wonders. Some of our subjects are mutants, some have malformations, some are just very special or rare!


Freaky Orange

author: brisca

A Unicorn – Almost

author: Dbl Ott Buck

Beautiful Freak

author: Ozone9999, Duke and Sarge

Nature Freak

author: rrsman

Extra Petals

author: Zac(k)

In the Folklore Section

author: Curious Expeditions

Two Colors

author: Loz ‘n Tim

Distorted Leaf

author: seadigs

Robert Duvall is Not a Fish

author: parfati

A Weird Chicken

author: brutsnar

Nature’s Weird Sense of Humour

author: Blepharopsis

8 Leg Deformed Freak Turtle


Deformed Freak 3 Clawed Crab


2 Headed Deformed Freak Duck


Freaks of Nature

author: nubui

If Nature Had a DA Page…

author: ChocolateN


author: KatiBear


author: energizerbunnie

Coconut Crab

author: Enric Sala

Weird Animal

author: nicholasmiller

Weird Sea Horse

author: heludinx

Odd Mutant Lizard

author: emergencyfan2000

Mutant Frog

author: zen

Mutant Flower

author: Rexfree_99

Yellow Mutant

author: IizDramaLlama

Mutant Mouse

author: oetzy

Seven-Legged Pig

author: fuzzyslipperlogic

5 Legged Tapir

author: skoop102

Three Toed Sloth

author: pierre pouliquin

Male Proboscis Monkey

author: Richard & Jo


author: guppiecat

Thorny Devil

author: the inhabitant

Star-nosed Mole

author: terr-bo

Pink Fairy Armadillo

author: JasonCross

Yeti Crab

author: Avi_Abrams


author: narutoroxsmysoxoff

Fingertier / Aye-Aye

author: Sexecutioner

Silvery Marmoset

author: Sexecutioner

White-fronted Marmoset

author: Sexecutioner

Giant Anteater

author: Sexecutioner


author: Shuriken22

Corpse Flower at Eden

author: Ennor

Frilled Lizard

author: bossejonsson59

Mutant Lime

author: Earth2Kim

Fish Blowing Bubbles

author: kenamarie25

Bubble Fish

author: vitruvian8807

Giggles I

author: fufuthegreat

Philippine Tarsier

author: bossejonsson59

Cotton-top Tamarin

author: bossejonsson59

Naked Mole Rat

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