15 Hottest Fembots of All Time

Whether they’re blonde, brunette, a redhead or bald, a fembot is a beautiful thing to behold. Quick, calculating glances coupled with the strength to bully several large men are just a couple reasons why we love the fembots of film so much. The following women now all have one thing in common: They’ve all been on a shortlist of the world’s 15 hottest fembots of all time.

Caprica Six – Battlestar Galactica

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We’re opening this list up with the impossible to forget Caprica Six of Battlestar Galactica. Filling this sexy role, and the form-fitting wardrobe that comes with it, is Canadian super-model and actress Tricia Helfer. Needless to say, when she first walked in to audition for the show, impressions were made. She’s now widely credited with managing to drill the idea of a human robot even further into acceptance than any actor before her — while pitching more tents than REI.

The T-X – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

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Ask 20 people what they thought of Rise of the Machines, and you’ll get roughly 18 negative responses. It was not a well-liked member of the popular Terminator franchise. Barring the invariable nay-saying, people still watch it, multiple times, largely due to Kristanna Loken’s portrayal of the mercilessly hot T-X. Up until she came along, the only sex we ever knew of in the series was the iconic, piano-laden, “I just made a pipe-bomb” moment from the original… Many childhood memories were built on it.

Rachael – Blade Runner

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While the prepubescents in the room will howl about Pris (as if Daryl Hannah were ever sexy), the true hottie-fembot of Blade Runner was Rachael, the replicant love-interest of Harrison Ford’s Decker. Played by ’80s nerd-dream Sean Young, Rachael was blending sci-fi with film noir before it was even stylish — and we love her for it.

The Bikini Machine – Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

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One of the originals, the Bikini Machine was in fact the inspiration for the Fembots in the Austin Powers movies. Ironically enough, Dr. Goldfoot was a parody of its James Bond contemporary, Goldfinger. None of that really matters anyway, since the movie is about hot robot chicks whose sole uniform is a gold bikini.

False Maria – Metropolis

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Here we’re diving all the way back to 1927, and the actual dawn of the fembot — with Metropolis. This film is so old that it’s silent, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the greatest sci-fi masterpieces of all time. The movie may have been filmed in the Roaring 20’s but the special effects and storyline were decades ahead of their time. The love-interest of the hero, Maria, gets replaced by the hero’s father with an evil robotic doppleganger. As you can probably guess, this leads to mass mayhem, chaos, and sexual frenzy. If you haven’t ever seen this gem, get on it.

The Fembots – Austin Powers

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Austin Powers made waves with its inclusion of the highly ridiculous Fembots when it was first released, not because they were too naughty, but because they just weren’t done that often. The movie drew inspiration from all the way back to 1965, with the afore-mentioned Dr. Goldfoot. Even if they are mindless sex-assassins, we still love ‘em.

Cameron – The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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First whipping the nerd world into a frenzy as River in Firefly, Summer Glau rocked our world in The Sarah Connor Chronicles when she showed up as Cameron. Showing that all interested parties learned a valuable lesson when Kristanna Loken was tapped for the T-X role, Glau was guaranteed to be a smash-hit as a young, tormented, human-like terminatrix. Considering that most fans universally agreed that the show was nothing near expectations, it’s reasonable to assume that her character was a big reason for continued viewing.

Seven of Nine – Star Trek Voyager

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Any and all fans of Star Trek: TNG maintain a timeless love for the Borg, and when the Voyager leg of the franchise introduced a young, busty Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, the universe was thankful. While not technically a robot, the whole Borg thing certainly qualifies her for cyborg status, and if that’s good enough for Robocop, then it’s good enough for us.

Lisa – Weird Science

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Another cloudy affiliation, Lisa from Weird Science isn’t known to consist of any circuitry or gears, but she was made on a computer, so we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt. Played by Kelly LeBrock, Lisa spiced up the lives of every geek in the world when she hit the screens in 1985. While her powers were more on the side of pure magic than those of an actual robot, she was the most badass, logically-thinking chick the ’80s ever saw in micropanties. Go refresh your memory.

Lt. Ilia – Star Trek: The Motion Picture

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Blowing up theaters nationwide in 1979, Star Trek made its big-screen debut in a big way. Not only was the story huge, but we got to feast our eyes on the amazingly short skirt found on a young Lt. Ilia, who we later found out to be a robot in disguise. She may have been sporting the Sinead O’Connor look, but she pulled it off. With her around, not even V’ger was scary.

Rhoda – My Living Doll

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It’s a shame that this show only ran for less than a year. Back in 1964, Julie Newmar became the world’s hottest robot by default when she signed on to play Rhoda in My Living Doll. The monstrously hot fembot was intended for service in the Air Force, but her creator didn’t want her living the military life and sabotaged the project. Rhoda, in all her beauty, was left in an amnesiac state, and the show immediately began to feel like Bewitched or I Dream of Genie as she became just another gorgeous (but dumb) house-fixture.

Cherry – Cherry 2000

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Set in post-apocalyptic America, Cherry 2000 introduced us to a Johnny Mnemonic-type world with sex-model gynoids, and more morality than you can shake a stick at. This movie was rife with sex, and in fact was based on the premise that a romp in the bath-water will ruin your brand new sex robot. Always keep your equipment dry.

Jaime Sommers – The Bionic Woman

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Lindsay Wagner may spend her days yammering on about the Sleep Number Bed, but back in 1976 she was playing Jaime Sommers, The Bionic Woman. She was also a mega-hottie, could run up to 60 mph, and could bend steel with her bare (bionic) arms. Beat that.

Annalee Call – Alien Resurrection

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One of very few memorable pieces of the fourth installment in the Alien series, Call was a breath of fresh air. Played by Winona Ryder, she was a deep-cover android sent to kill Ripley — for the good of humanity. Call wasn’t just an android though, she was a rebel android, and a trouble-maker to boot. The boy-cut works surprisingly well for her, too.

Simone – S1mOne

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Not a widely-known film, S1mOne came and went in 2002. The impressive cast included Al Pacino, Winona Ryder and Rebecca Romijn, but it was Rachel Roberts who played the pivotal role of Simone, who was a computer program. Now, we know that’s not a robot, but since the only thing missing was probably some decent device drivers, Simone gets her place. This is an interesting one, give it a fair shot before you hate it.

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