Top 10 All-Time Boxing Felons List

The core numbers aren’t as plentiful as Football, but for a sport with far less participants, Boxing sure has a share of individuals that have run afoul of the law. Here is top 10:

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1.) Mike Tyson – Lets see…rape, road rage, and possesion of narcotics & DUI. And even punched a paparazzi in the face the week this post was conceived. Mike appears to be just as combustible in the ring as out. many in DLR believe the circumstances behind his Rape conviction are sketchy at best, he was still convicted. Sounds like Mike could have gotten better legall assistance if you ask me.


2.) Bernard Hopkins – Before Bernard was on the tips of many tongues as quite possibly being the best pound for pound fighter ever, B-Hop was convicted of Strong-Arm Robbery. B-Hop found boxing in jail, and subsequently turned his life around, and is now retired and promoting multi-million dollar fights.

3.) Riddick Bowe – Convicted of kidnapping, Riddick is known most for his epic trilogy with Evander Holyfield. I believe his victims were no other than his wife and kids….But if they were his than who was he taking them from?

4.) Floyd Mayweather Sr. - The elder Predator Mayweather, was convicted of drug trafficing. After watching those 24/7 episodes, sounds like him and his brother were using most of the product.

5.) Rubin ‘Hurricane” Carter – If you have seen the movie, then you know The Hurricane is innocent. It is always disheartening to see young Black men taken away in the prime of their life.

6.) Sonny Liston – The dude that is known for getting the beat down of all beat downs from Muhammad Ali, not Cassius Clay, was convicted of robbery. White America was so afraid of Ali, and his beliefs, they were willing to get in Liston’s corner during his fight with Ali.

7.) Trevor Berbick – The last man to ever fight Ali, this Jamaican, who fought for Canada in the olympics was convicted of sexually assaulting his children’s babysitter. Trevor Berbick was murdered @ a church in 2006.

8.) Tony Ayala Jr. – Touted by insiders of boxing as a possible all time great, Tony was convicted of burglary & rape just 3 years after his professional career began. After his release, 16 yrs. later, and an attempted return to boxing, Ayala continued to disobey the law and currently in the slammer involving issues with heroin.

9.) Naseem Hamed – “The Prince”. A very exciting boxer in his day was convicted of dangerous driving…The Prince crashed him $300k Mclaren SLR into two other cars while supposedly going really really fast.

10.) Tommy Morrison – The Boxer known for having HIV then not having HIV was convicted of drugs & weapons charges in Arkanses in 1999, after getting pulled over in a brand new corvette.

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