Women are seductresses: Chitrangada Singh

They say world's a stage and one has to play different roles in one life, specially women. Actors beat all in portaying different lives and lifestyles.

The gorgeous Chitranganda who has played a daughter, wife and mother in life, walked the ramp for Ritu Kumar to play a seductress.

Asked when is she too a seductress, the actor replied "Aren’t we all? All women are seductress in their lives at some point in life. That's the whole idea and mystery of being a woman."

Chitranganda who is playing a seductress in her upcoming movie, says that she will be working with Kareena Kapoor in one of her next films.

Actors are known to break boundaries and here we a bold and beautiful woman who not only proudly says what she is but wants to be what she essentially is, a seductress.

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