'I want to do sex in every country in the world'

London, September 3: Sexy underwear, car sex are just some of Danielle Lloyd’s biggest turn-ons.

The glamour girl, who's avoided nightclubs since she was attacked in May, has been giving sex-advice to men’s magazine ‘Nuts’.

The sexy lass advises readers on how to spice up their love life, and has even revealed her big turn-ons in the bedroom.

"I love sexy underwear! It's really important if you're in a relationship too, because it turns men on so much! If you put a nice set of underwear on, it makes you feel amazing!” the 'Sun' quoted her as telling the mag.

"I like black underwear, with fishnet stockings and a suspender belt. I think that's really sexy!" she added.

Danielle, who is dating Spurs ace Jamie O''Hara, also revealed about how much she loves making out in the car.

"I've had sex in a car before - it was fun. But we weren't squeezed into a little Mini or anything like that," she said.

"We had a really big car and climbed onto the back seat, so there was plenty of room to get up to whatever we wanted and it was nice and comfortable. It got really steamy in there, though! It was like in 'Titanic', where they end up with hand prints on the steamy windows!" she added.

And Danielle’s sexiest fantasy is a naughty world tour in a private jet

"One thing I'd absolutely love to do is hire a private jet - just for me and my man - and fly from country to country just being as naughty as possible,” she said.

She added: "That way, we could join the mile-high club and say we'd had sex in every country in the world, but we could do it in the comfort of our own jet. That would be amazing!"

Source & Credits: Zopag

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