The 5 Hottest Indie Women

There’s something about indie chicks that is both endearing and frustrating. They’re endearing because they write honest songs and they strive to progress musically. They’re frustrating because so many of them just don’t try to be attractive. We’ve chosen the 5 women who kick the most ass in both music and hotness.

5. Lily Allen

Who she is: Lily Allen is an internet sensation who broke into the mainstream in July of last year with her #1 single “Smile.”

Why we like her: Allen decided to forego the recording industry’s prescribed channels and release her own songs on the internet when her label wanted to give her the Jessica Simpson/Britney Spears treatment.

She also has a sense of humor about herself, as shown here:

4. Joanna Newsom

Who she is: Joanna Newsom is a harpist who released one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year, “Ys.”

Why we like her: She plays an instrument that is twice her size. She somehow convinced Brian Wilson collaborator Van Dyke Parks to produce her most recent album. She’s got an angelic face. Her singing is sometimes approaching John Cage levels of craziness.

3. Annie

Who she is: Norwegian dancepop all-star.

Why we like her: She creates catchy, tongue-in-cheek pop songs. She’s Norwegian. She tours with a live band. Her most popular song is a dialogue between herself and herself.

2. Jenny Lewis

Who she is: One of the lead singers in the band Rilo Kiley, as well as a solo artist. Also sings for The Postal Service, occasionally.

Why we like her: First, she was in the Fred Savage movie The Wizard. She, at 5’1”, recorded an album and toured with The Watson Twins, who are about 6’. While onstage together, she looked like the Smurfette to their Gargamel. Has Sarah Silverman introduce her in the video for “Rise Up With Fists”:

1. Katrina Kerns

Who she is: She’s a member of Sufjan Stevens’s Illinoisemakers, playing the xylophone and singing. In addition, she’s a former Ford model. She’s unsigned as a solo artist, but she has a myspace page.

Why we like her: Look at her. Guys try to love indie girls, but then you see Katrina and all of a sudden even the most beautiful indie girl like a burn victim. It’s not even a contest.

Since she’s just a background vocalist, there aren’t videos of her, but here are a few more pictures:

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