Shoutwire good or not?

I have recently (as in 1-2 months) started to use the power of social news sites for some of my sites. Of course, the main sites I used were Digg, Netscape and Stumble Upon. Yet, recently, I have started to test some more.

Among these new sites, I used Shoutwire. And guess what: Shoutwire proves to be a great traffic source, even better than Netscape for some subjects (Netscape remains, in my opinion, the best site for getting traffic for news outside of technology). But, what I didn’t really expect is the side traffic Shoutwire sends. Shoutwire allows anybody to get their news feed and use on their own site and this is what TorrentSpy did.

So, is it worth getting your news on the front page on Shoutwire? If you have a site that targets a younger audince, celebrities, extreme sports, fun, auto, moto and the likes, that is the site to go (I would even ignore Digg for most of the part).

But still I think there are some part it needs to improve on. You can find many duplicate articles here. And you will not know when the shoutwire gett you ban or locked. And the reason for it you will never know.

Still all over it is a great social media site and it generate a good traffic for your website.

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